about numina.gneisspecker Numina Gneisspecker started their collaboration making pirate radio from a garage in a botanical garden. They use strategies from fields such as fine art, field recording, hacking / coding, literature, radio, cinema and electroacoustic music, and are inspired by writers such as Amitav Ghosh, Andreas Malm, Rachel Carson, Mark Fisher, Lisa Doeland, Rob Nixon and Sabu Kohso. They search for meaningful and valuable ways of audiovisual storytelling and try to address the deepening crises of our contemporary world. Next to the urgent and immediate action of implementing radical, leftist politics and policies, Numina Gneisspecker believe there is the need for the slow though not less urgent communication of compelling narratives. They contribute to this expanding space by peeling off the different layers of this poly-catastrophic world, while simultaneously providing forms of hope and sharing engaging perspectives on our singular yet still fairly diverse Earth. Numina Gneisspecker currently consists of Sjoerd Leijten and Stijn Verhoeff.
numina.gneisspecker [at] redforest.zone

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